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Image by Annie Spratt

Whether you're writing a novel, creating a proposal, or launching a new site, I'm here to help your project grow.

Calyx Creative is a freelance company offering numerous design and editorial services. Whether you have a manuscript you're prepping for publication or a proposal you need designed, my main goal is to help you reach the finish line with the best outcome possible. 

Together, we'll work hand-in-hand, developing a space of inspiration and creativity as I help your work grow into its final beautiful form. 

About Me


“Sarah Leonard is a dedicated editor and literary agent. I’ve been her client for just over a year now and she has always worked tirelessly to promote my writing. She offers respectful—but honest—critique to assist those she works with in telling the best possible version of their story. A genuine pleasure to work with.”


"Sarah is the rare editor who not only provides feedback without sacrificing voice, but delivers it in a clear and encouraging way. She’s amazing!" 


"Sarah immediately understood my website design goals and worked diligently to achieve them. I appreciated her ability to work in a creative and collaborative way. The end result boosted the farm’s exposure, and increased my customer base exponentially. Thanks Sarah. You’re the best!" (


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